Written by Sineva Michael Peilua
NZ Born of Samoan descent


Being a graphic designer in this day and age means that you need to make a place for yourself in the industry or you will surely get left behind. I found my place in making edits. It started off as a hobby where I combined my love for the NRL and design. I then used it as a way to implement new techniques I had learn’t as a way of keeping up with the “Rat Race” of the Graphic Design Industry. My hobby soon turned into something that other people started indulging in which lead to the realisation that this could be my place.

Recently, I have found myself in a space of confusion, questioning my intentions and priorities which lead to this ‘Cronkmeister edit. This ‘Cronkmeister’ piece allowed me to realise my feelings of disconnection towards my culture and my authentic home. I chose to represent these feelings through the use of splitting seen across his body. The splitting pieces aren’t just an effect used on Photoshop but it instead showcases the way my culture shifts away from within. The Samoan culture is something that has always been present in my life since I was a child, but is something I have never really taken upon myself to learn, cherish and be actively involved with. I can admit that I am losing the Samoan culture but will always respect its traditions. 

Because of the cultural significance behind this piece, it is one of my most proudest ones to date. 

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