The Struggle is Real

Written by Anonymous

First of all, what is the "struggle" and what? There is more than 1?  Holy shit! Why wasn't I told this at school?  (After all I made it to school 3 days a week that’s over 50%, that's got to count for something right).  Isn't that enough time to be told "The struggle is real & there is more than 1" or did they think they were doing me a favor in not telling me?!

Now that I have your attention let's break shit down - elaborate - first of all there will always be a struggle, that shit is unavoidable.  What I do know is the level of "struggle" can range like a major down to a minor, and the definitions of struggles can be very different.

Deciding which restaurant you want to have dinner at on any given night. Vs. Scraping coins together to buy a $1 bread for lunches.

Now let me ask, out of the two examples which relates to you?  If it's the first example, you may stop reading this now as it may not apply to you.  But feel free to read on if you wish to satisfy your 'curiosity'.  Or to find out if this author is full of shit or not.

Why do 'struggles' exist at all you may want to ask. Just be wary that this ramble is not a negative themed blurb.  I wish to think that this blurb is more of a "recognise" moment or a 'huh, yeah why do I focus my energy on struggles' moment.  Struggle is in a way the keeping of things in a natural order - the Law, Universal law, Murphy's law, Karma, Bad Luck.  Call it what you like, it has many names and means different things for all of us. You are probably thinking "Well shit man tell me something I don't know!", and it's around about now you're thinking of closing the page and going back to You Tube or worse the same old FACEBOOK bullshit.

It's at this point I would like to introduce you to something, it's called an 'idea' and it's about how you deal with 'struggle' and the idea of it.  I was the person in the second example, looking for the coins to buy the $1 bread.  You may be on the journey already in 'bettering' your situation, whether it be to 'prove' a point to others, or because you have realized I want a better way of life / life-style.  

(By the way if you're on the journey of "self 'bettering" - made up that shit myself - I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! I mean that with all sincerity). 

So, this is where 'shit' gets real, what you read next may be hard for you to absorb.  That's the beauty of this struggle, "you’re the person / thing / one, that can fix it".  Whether you believe this or not, it's the 'truth' according to that universal law.  You have always been the solution.  You have always had the power.  You have always been "that" thing to make or break how you live your life.

Okay, you're probably thinking "How am I supposed to get that life, when life won't give it to me".  If this is you then you really do need to read this, because like I just said "YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS THE POWER AND THE SOLUTION".  Don't get me wrong I don't want you to 'ignore' the struggle, what I wish for you is to not 'focus' on the struggle. 

Use this formula;

  1. Acknowledge the struggle.
  2.  Focus your energy on fixing OR looking past the struggle. 

If you can do this and continually do this as part of your life, I can guarantee you that; 

  1.  You will be happier.
  2. You will over-come the 'struggle'.
  3.  Life will be better for you and everyone around you.

Believe it?  Try it!!  What harm can it do??  The more you try it, the better shit will get over time – a short time even - you will see results / opportunities.  

Don't get me wrong there will be times for struggle, but at least this time around you will be better equipped to deal with them. That's enough for now. I need to go and get that $1 now, because I have just spent my last few cents sharing them with you - something I knew I had to do ...