You got this

Written by Emmes Ah Young


Hi I’m Emmes Ah Young, I have been on a journey of a lifestyle change, self-discovery, self-love and happiness.

It’s been a tough 2 years, I have lost 90kgs but I have gained so much in the process, my Dad is Samoan/Chinese and my Mothers are made up of Samoan/Niuean/Pakeha mix. I have the best siblings in the world there is too many of us, my journey I have shared on a public platform to share my struggles and successes with those who want to change and feel like they don’t know where to start, well I didn’t know where to start either, and I have too many moments, the blog I am sharing is when I have those moments, hope you enjoy. Thank you again to Emmaline for allowing me to share a bit of my blog with you all.

Youre ok, have your moment just dont give up :)

When I wake up in the morning, I am determined that today is going to be better than yesterday.

As tired as I am, as mentally exhausted, as sad as I feel at times, as much as some of the memories of what I’ve been through sometimes creep up on me, I push myself, I remind myself that at one point I’ve felt worse and the physical pain I’m feeling right now I can overcome and it heals..

I push my mental state I remind myself that “nothing worth having comes easy” that gets me, pushes me to get dressed and gets me up to face the world I once shut off from. I then remind myself at one point I didn’t want to wake up from sleeping, I didn’t want to face the world, and today I am once again going to smash out another goal I have set my heart and mind to.

For me the hardest part is the mental preparation and making the time to do what I need to, even if I have to do my exercises at 2am.. The time doesn’t matter to me, I just need to get it done, it has to be done. I can’t give up and I won’t give up. I remind myself of how far I’ve come, I remind myself of the first gym session I had, I walked on the treadmill and I couldn’t breathe, I remember how insecure I felt when people would stare at me, I hated looking at the mirror. I hated what I saw and to be honest when you don’t like what you see when you stare in the mirror no one else will.

When I fail on a day, I take accountability and tell myself well that’s ok you stuffed up today, you didn’t give 100 at training or you eat didn’t well today, cool don’t beat yourself. I remind myself that I can start again tomorrow.

I don’t beat myself up because I’ve already been beaten enough and that didn’t help me it just bought me down more. So I tell myself that’s ok, tomorrow is another day LETS START AGAIN tomorrow and push harder than we did today.

No one ever got anywhere being beaten and put down, or discouraged.

We are our own worse critics but we also forget we are own heroes as well.

Reality is some days I don’t feel like getting up, and you know what sometimes I don’t, when I do feel like that I have a rest day, and surround myself with the people in my life who love me and that itself is motivation, them seeing me in a good space andactually being genuinely happy pushes me and brings me realisation that I’m on the right path and just like life before it gets easier it gets harder.

Once again I’m a big believer if your well-being is on point, and I don’t mean skinny or being fit but if you feel good about yourself it reflects on your relationships as well.

If you’re looking for motivation just look at yourself for it, you deserve to be at your best and that takes hard work, commitment, treat yourself how you would treat someone you love.

Look at the people around you, and let them be your motivation.

One thing I never do is compare myself to anyone or anyone else’s journey we all have our own story, our own reason, our ownpurpose, I am my biggest competition, as long as I beat the girl staring back at me I’m winning.

I did it, still doing it.
You got this, I believe in you.