Rae-Dawn Eats : The Delicious Food Store – 9th May 2017

The Delicious Food Store – 547 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland.

The Delicious Food Store is close to my house. We can walk there if we want but most times we drive the car. We have been there lots and I like it because you can play outside, there is a sandpit and you can use chalk and some toys are there too.

The front door is really hard to open so I always have to wait for Mum to open it for me. I like to sit on the outside tables, but sometimes there are too many birds and I always want to give them my chippies but Mum always says no because then they will stay and poo everywhere.



Small Hot Chocolate

Black Velvet Cupcake

Ham and Cheese Toastie (Kids Menu)

Curly Fries with Aioli



The hot chocolate was chocolaty and yum. It wasn’t too hot and I could drink it straight away. I got two marshmallows on the side and those were nice and soft and yummy too, I always eat one first and then soak the other one for later.

The black velvet cupcake was chocolaty and tasted really sweet. I could lick the top icing and it was like soft chocolate. It tasted like red velvet but was black velvet. I needed to drink water when I finished because it was really yummy and sweet.

Ham and cheese toastie had seeds in the bread and I don’t like seeds. It looks really good when it comes on the plate but it was really hot so I had to wait to eat it. Its really cheesy and its nice cheese not smelly cheese. The ham is thin in some parts and not thin on the other side. It was tasty ham because if it wasn’t tasty I would not be eating it. I just really, really don’t like seeds in my bread so I didn’t finish it.

Curly fries are greasy and they taste like fries and they are delicious like the store delicious … get it (giggles)!

I would give The Delicious Food Store … 4 cupcakes out of 5 cupcakes;

Because it was really yum and the lady that helped us was really nice and she talked to me and not my mum because I was ordering and that was really nice and lots of kids should go and eat there. But if you don’t like seed bread don’t get the toastie or ask them for regular bread.


Rae-Dawn Matagi