Rae-Dawn Eats: The Servo Cafe – 18th July 2017

The Servo Cafe - 458 Old Te Atatu Road Te Atatu Peninsula Auckland.

The Servo Cafe is across the road from the dairy that my Mum and Dad buy Kava from. It looked nice and clean when we walked in. The people were really nice and they have nice tables. They have a little corner with toys for babies. That would be good for my baby brother but he wasnt with us it was just me and Mum. I forgot to play with those toys.

The lady at the reception gave us the menu and they have a Kids menu. Then we sat down and we had breakfast there.



Kids Hot Chocolate

Kids Pancake with Hash brown, Bacon & Maple Syrup

Chocolate Chip Cookie



The hot chocolate was good it was Milo’ey. I got 2 marshmallows on the side of the cup and they were a little bit hard but they were yummy. The hot chocolate was warm and just right to drink. I drank it really fast, I finished it when I got it.

I got 1 pancake on my plate, 2 slices of bacon and one big hashbrown. It came with maply syrup and tomato sauce. I ate the bacon first. It was greasy and I dipped it in the tomato sauce. It was delicious, delicious, DELICIOUS. I ate all the bacon. Then I cut up my pancake into slices and poured the maply syrup on it.

The pancakes had icing sugar on it. They were so yummy, they melted in my mouth when I was eating them. The pancake looked really pretty on the plate it was perfectly cooked. Then I had a bite of the hashbrown. It was nice, it had a good crust around it and was a funny shape. The crust was yummy. The potato was soft inside. I didnt finish it because I was full. When we left my mummy bought me a cookie to eat on the way home.

I would give The Servo Cafe ... 4 cupcakes out of 5 cupcakes:

The food was yummy except I didnt want the rest of the hashbrown. The ladies were really kind and they spoke to me when they asked for my order. It makes me feel good when adults talk to me instead of my mum when I ask for things. I would tell other kids to go and eat there especially because their food is delicious and their cookies are so yum you would love them.