The Native Collective is a website whose purpose is to provide a space for our Pacific people to share stories, opinions, work, struggles and success that they have had. Its for our everyday people to share and be inspired by others just like them. It is a collaborative space and anyone is welcome to share. Our worlds become more meaningful when we can relate to one another on a basic human level. We aim to give ourselves this space to be who are we are free from judgement or ridicule. A space that gives us the freedom to just be.


Two sisters, born in Fiji with a love for Culture. 

Emmaline Matagi the older, more tan and wiser (some would say) of the two sisters! A mother of 3 beautiful children, a wife to a very handsome Samoan man (if she does say so herself AND SHE DOES), a teacher with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Auckland. She is currently working full time and studying part time for her Masters in Education. She is absolutely obsessed with creating a better future for children in New Zealand. Especially those of Pacific and Māori heritage. She has a love-hate relationship with running and food! On the weekend she enjoys the odd Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato-Rose and plays Rugby League with an amazing bunch of women for the Te Atatu Roosters. She writes every now and then about what is going on in her life and her surroundings and she makes no apologies for her strong views on Privilege, Feminism and Racism in all its forms. She is here for you and your stories to ensure there is a platform for us all to speak without being afraid.

Rae-Dawn Martin the younger more artistic and less scary (some would definitely say) of the two sisters! She is the brains behind the website design, the branding and all the ins and outs of Social Media, coding all the amazing stuff that her older, slower sister has no idea about. She has a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts and currently works for a pretty sweet little company called Translate Digital/Parkable. She does freelance photography and digital work. In the weekends you can find her eating, at the gym or doing romantic stuff with her giant 7 foot partner Shaymis. Rae-Dawn enjoys a good Vodka or 3 mixed with some Tupac, Six60 and Flume. She is the sensible one, the aunty who feeds the kids way too much sugar and then drops them back home and runs away.  She is great with money too so if you want someone to set you up with a savings account that you cannot touch EVER (because she is a miser) then holla at your girl! She is here for you and your stories and will always do her best to ensure a user friendly, clear and open space for you to share.


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